"What kind of slow-driving-miss-daisy-asshole does thirty on a highway. It's a friggin' highway!" - Becca in Looking for a Prize, But I Don't Want Blood

"You look like you could crush a man's head with those legs alone." - Mitch in Shut Up and Dance with Me

*eyes him* "You're like...the nicest person I've met around here. You trying to con me or something?" - Becca while talking to Sam for the first time (Cbox quote)

"-_- Screw being killed on the job, my brother is gonna give me a heart attack..." - Ali about her
brother, Mitch, after she finds out he's gotten involved with the Varangian pantheon (Cbox quote)

"A unicorn broke into my bedroom when I was a baby and my parents caught me riding it. They knew it was evil. Pointy horn and everything, supposed to be a myth. They saved me, destroyed the evil unicorn, been hunting ever since." *says it so calm and naturally, but obviously all lies* - Becca in response to Sam asking her how she got into hunting (Cbox Quote)

*rubs her eyes* "Yes, I realize what he did was wrong, but A.) You were only a cupcake for a few minutes. B.) No one tried to eat you or kill you. C.) Wouldn't you rather have a place where you can stay without worrying that demons will come along and try to either hurt or kill you?" - Nora in regards to Logan getting turned into a cupcake by Asbjorn the Trickster after he was returned to his normal human state (Cbox quote)

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